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When we say that Immunocl is similar to Mother's milk. What aspects are being considered? who proved it?


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There are several ways we can explain this one will be to compare the ingredients. The other way will be to compare the effects.

In this post I will only relate to one aspect, that of the effects. Mother's milk is known to help with the baby immune system. So does Immunocal. I will try to find the ingredients of mother's milk and compare them with those of immunoical and post the results soon,



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Since this message is a little old you may have already gotten this comparison, but if not, here it is.

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Benefits of Glutathione Enhancement in Disease or Stress: Pulmonary Disease

Relationship to Immunocal® intake:

Time 6 on Immunocal® 1 month.
Time 7 off Immunocal®.
Time 8 back on Immunocal®.

Immunocal® significantly and dramatically increased pulmonary function.

Method of Intracellular GSH Enhancement: Undenatured Whey Protein Concentration Contains highly concentrated amounts of cystine (cysteine = cysteine) because of a new Pasteurization technique which preserves the disulfide bond between the two cysteines.
The naturally occurring constituent heat labile proteins found in “Mother’s Milk” that imparts immune enhancement.
Dose: 10 - 40 grams per day for adults and ½ gram/Kg for infants and young children up to 40 Kg.
High dose to reverse cachexia: up to 120 grams has been reported (anecdotal) to increase total body weight 15% in two weeks in a near death AIDS patient with cachexia.

Cystine: the Preferred Substrate for Optimal Glutathione Synthesis and Immune Enhancement
Hepatic Nitrogen Metabolism: Cysteine from muscle catabolism arrives in the liver in the form of cystine. Enteral feeding of cystine takes advantage of this well-developed metabolic pathway that is also utilized when digesting breast milk which has well documented and indisputable immune enhancing properties.
Antigen Presenting Cells: Prefer cystine for GSH synthesis which is required to initiate the immune response then feed lymphocytes cysteine as an immunoregulatory signal.
Astrocytes: Prefer cystine for GSH synthesis and feed cysteine to neurons to protect against neurodegenerative diseases.


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I think that one of the aspects that is considered is that the Immunocal is not produced from pasteurized milk. Therefore it preserves the benefits of a raw milk, similar to Mother's milk. In particular it preserves the ability to act as a good precursor to Glutathione.
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