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Came across this news recently:

Immunotec and Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Collaborate on New Autism Study using Immunocal®

MONTREAL, July 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ - Immunotec Inc. (TSXV: IMM)  announces that Nova Southeastern University (NSU) in Florida is conducting a study to determine the effects of Immunocal on the behaviours of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Immunocal, a whey protein isolate, is Immunotec's flagship product.

The primary focus of the two-year study is to determine if children diagnosed with autism would exhibit improved behaviours after consuming the cysteine-rich whey proteins in Immunocal during the course of the 90-day observation period.  The outcome could be a better quality of life, both for the children and their families.

The principal investigator of the NSU-Immunotec study is Ana Maria Castejon, Ph.D., an associate professor at the College of Pharmacy.  She and her research team are very enthusiastic about the potential outcomes. "Parents and caregivers are trying different approaches that have gained significant popularity, but have not been proven to be effective," Castejon said.  Dr. Gary S. Margules, Vice President of Research and Technology Transfer at NSU, echoes Dr. Castejon's optimism, calling the study an "outstanding example of the multidisciplinary approach to clinical research".

Immunotec President, Stuart MacMillan welcomes the announcement of the study.  "Immunotec has a long history of collaboration with leading researchers and scientists.  Dr. Castejon and her co-investigators at NSU's Mailman Segal Center of Human Development have vast experience in children with developmental disorders, specifically in the area of autism behaviours and we are proud to be working with them on this study."

Both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Health Canada note that as many as 1 in 150 children worldwide are affected and the numbers are rising. Treatment for autism is usually centered on special schooling and behavioral therapy, and other conventional medical treatments.

"This joint collaborative clinical research initiative marks an important milestone for Immunotec in the field of autism; we are proud to partner with NSU in this study," said John Molson, Immunotec Vice-President, Research and Development.

About Immunotec Inc.
Immunotec is engaged primarily in the development and marketing of natural health products, dietary supplements, vitamins and personal care products which are distributed throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico through a sophisticated, seamless network marketing channel and around the globe through exclusive distributorship agreements.

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