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Is it true that consumption of large quantities of whey protein concentrate or isolate can increase acidity in the body?

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The truth of the matter is that in a healthy body the acidity in the bloodstream and cells will not change drastically by large consumption of protein. The urine however will. Saying this I have to emphasize that there is a price for consuming too much protein and it has to do with acidity control:

When you take in more protein than your body needs, your body cannot store it, so the excess amino acids are converted to organic acids that would acidify your blood. But your blood never becomes acidic because as soon as the proteins are converted to organic acids, calcium leaves your bones to neutralize the acid and prevent any change in pH. Because of this, many scientists think that taking in too much protein may weaken bones to cause osteoporosis.

One of the regulators of the acidity in the blood are the kidneys. When you hold your breath, carbon dioxide accumulates in your bloodstream very rapidly and your blood turns acidic, you will become uncomfortable or even pass out. This forces you to start breathing again immediately, and the pH returns to normal. If your kidneys  are damaged and cannot regulate the acidity of your bloodstream, chemical reactions stop, poisons accumulate in your bloodstream, and you can die.

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